Our range of design services have been packaged to accommodate any brief, from concept to completion and anywhere in between. And with access to a select group of quality craftspeople and artisans; superior workmanship and disciplined detailing are hallmarks of what we bring to every project and design challenge.


One of these insights is the distinction between Interior Decoration and Interior Design. A distinction that can significantly influence the complexity, timeframe and cost of any project. So what’s the difference?


Interior Decoration involves decorating and furnishing the interiors of rooms, homes or offices, focussing on accessories and movable items within a space. Think colour schemes, wallpaper, drapes, sofas, rugs and lamps.


Interior Design (or Interior Architecture) is the art of designing and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors within a space beyond simply the look and feel of a room. Interior Design provides a more turnkey solution including moving or removing interior walls, as well as elements such as tiles, fittings and fixtures, including all decoration to completion. This creative influence on structural and architectural details adds additional complexity to the Interior Design discipline. 

SOdesigns is proud to offer our clients both these professional services: Interior Design and Interior Decoration with a fully certified and industry accredited design team.


Interior Architect - Interior Decoration - Consultancy - Project Management 

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interior architect

Here we work closely with clients and architects to design an environment that’s both aesthetically pleasing and beautifully functional. We consider everything from ceiling details to plug points to ensure that how a space will be used, as well as where furniture will be placed, best serves the occupants.


Some specifics include:

- Ceiling detail 

- Floor finishes

- Wall finishes and textures

- Lighting placements

- Carpentry detailing and design

- Furniture placement

- Electrical fittings and placement



For clients who are very close to their own projects and prefer to take a more hands-on approach, we offer an hourly consultancy fee. This is an extremely flexible approach and can range anywhere from a one-off meeting to multiple consultations throughout the duration of the project. We advise on selections for carpentry, tiling, fittings and fixtures and overall styling to ensure that your look feels coherent. 

interior decoration

Although we do provide a turnkey solution, we also offer a specific interior decoration service.


This is a multi-layered approach with all designs being storyboarded for furniture layouts and placement of bespoke pieces.


Further details include selects for rugs, bedding, ornaments, throws and any specific samples and textures.

project management

This involves an overall managing of the range of projects that make up a client’s build. We guide clients throughout the process, oversee time management, input at site visits and liaise with builders, architects and sub-contractors. Design and styling recommendations also form a natural part of this process, aligning with our consultancy service.