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Finding the perfect partner can be a daunting task. That's why we have assembled a team of experts who are dedicated to understanding your needs and objectives. From architects and interior designers to contractors and project managers, our team works as a well-oiled machine to ensure that every aspect of your project is executed flawlessly.

Leighton Claptons's Bio
Leighton Clapton
Managing Director
Principal Designer


Leighton Clapton, the founder, Managing Director and Principal designer, has always been most comfortable when pursuing creative endeavours. This love for art and design led him to establish his own interior design studio over 20 years ago. He completed a three-year diploma in Interior Design at BHC Design School in Cape Town.


Leighton is renowned for his ability to transform spaces into unique creations that radiate elegance, comfort, and luxury. His designs seamlessly blend functionality with flair, all executed with meticulous precision.


With his distinctive style, Leighton has successfully undertaken prestigious projects in South Africa and internationally. These projects span residential, retail, hospitality, and commercial spaces.

Overall, Leighton's expertise has earned him a reputation as an exceptional interior designer who consistently delivers remarkable results on both large-scale and small-scale projects.

Erica has been a valuable member of our team since the beginning of her professional career as a fully qualified Interior Designer. She possesses an extraordinary talent for design, specification, and detailing, which greatly enhances the value of our clients' homes and related projects.


In addition to her design skills, Erica also excels in floor-plans and specialises in space planning. Her ability to optimise spaces and find the best solutions for our clients has proven her worth as a true asset to our team.


After completing her 3-year diploma in Interior Design at BHC Design School in Cape Town in 2016, Erica graduated with distinction.

Erica Jordaan
Interior Designer
Erica Jordaan SOdesigns and Interiors
Natalie Adams
Interior Sales Designer

Leading our new proactive sales design and customer-centric philosophy is Natalie Adams, the newest member of the SOdesigns team. Natalie brings with her 12 years of industry experience, having worked on a wide range of projects in residential, hospitality, and commercial sectors.


Natalie graduated from TUT in Pretoria with a Diploma in Interior Design. She began her career in Johannesburg before making the move to Cape Town, where she was able to pursue her passion for fabrication and furniture design. In 2019, while still working in the furniture industry, Natalie enrolled at CPUT and successfully completed her degree in Interior Design with honors.


With a natural creativity and problem-solving skills, Natalie always strives to find the optimal solution for any challenge that comes her way. She thoroughly enjoys every step of the design process and embraces each new opportunity it presents.

Joe, who holds a Bachelor's Degree in Information Design, has dedicated the past 15 years to working in diverse design fields, fuelling his enthusiasm for innovative digital media communication.


His expertise spans graphic design, creative direction, fashion shoots, marketing, social media creation, and strategy.


Over the last few years at SOdesigns, Joe has established himself as an invaluable asset to our company's marketing and social media departments.

Joe Buitendag
Social Media and Communications Manager
Joe Buitendag
Ulrich Fritz
Production and

Ulrich has been employed as a Production Coordinator since 2015, following the completion of his BA in Motion Picture from AFDA (School of Film, Television and Live Performance).


He takes great pride in his strong work ethic, enthusiasm as a team member, and adept organisation skills. Ulrich has received extensive training in project management which has enabled him to excel at meeting challenging deadlines through effective negotiation.


He thrives on problem-solving and possesses a creative mindset. Moreover, he is not hesitant to go above and beyond expectations to meet the company's standards while prioritizing client relationships.

Sarona has been a true asset to SOdesign and Interiors; with a wealth of financial knowledge and slightly more that 33 years experience in the financial sector; with having worked with clients such as Price Waterhouse Coopers to the University of Stellenbosch, we are truly honoured to have her as part of our dynamic team. 


Sarona is also a full fledged tax practitioner and successfully assists SOdesigns navigate through these existing economic times and structured both Corporate, Commercial and Residential project for our clients - this allowing us the ability to focus on our best possible business practise and trade in Interior Architecture.


We are truly proud to have Sarona as our Financial Manager and honoured to have her as part of our business, almost form inseption, 2004.

Sarona Van Dyk
Financial Manager
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